Suozzi Studios is Mike Suozzi, Jeff Schell, Mary Slicer, and Dave Patton; a small group of professionals with educational backgrounds in art and design in common, they bring a unique set of experiences to the art of perfecting images for advertising.

Mike Suozzi started Suozzi Studios in March of 2001 to break away from the traditional prepress model where the craftsmen are far removed from the creative vision of the photographers and art directors. He began a new process where the creative group and the production team work face to face to produce the highest quality images on time and on budget. 

Our true talent is the ability to collect our experiences and combine them with our artistic sense, technology, and workflow to give our clients the images they envision. Because of our respect for the creative process and the understanding that communicating the vision is vital, we spend as much time as needed up front to produce the desired result in the fewest revisions possible. With four decades experience in prepress and over fifteen years using modern color management our images are optimized for the output needed and print successfully around the world.

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